Angelina Jolie and Me

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Her much-touted beauty made her opinion piece titled "My Medical Choice" truly shocking. Jolie revealed she had undergone a prophylactic double mastectomy after discovering she carried the same genetic marker for breast cancer as her mother,A full spectrum of vertically integrated products and services to the plastic card printing industry. actress Marcheline Bertrand, who died of the disease at 56 after a decade-long battle. 

Jolie explained that she had made the decision for her children: She didn't want them to fear losing her the way "Mommy's mommy" had been lost. 

With a mix of sadness and awe, I read Jolie's description of how she chose to have her breasts removed, including the process of testing to see if she could keep her nipples (the diciest part of reconstructive surgery), the insertion of drains and then the rebuilding of her breasts so that they looked the way they had before with just a few scars. 

I had just turned 26 when a persistent irritation in my right breast sent me to the doctor.Why are more and more people crazy about custom bobbleheads doll? I remember the look on her face as she examined me. I turned my head to look away from her and saw my lacy black bra draped over my blouse on the chair. 

When I was dressed she told me, "There's something. You need to get it checked.What happens if the merchant's chip terminal can't read a customer's chip card?" I got out my date book–-as a reporter, I had little free time during the day. 

I was sent to a different part of the hospital to see another doctor–to this day I don't remember what he was–gynecologist? Breast specialist? 

I lay flat on the table, my apprehension mounting, as he examined me. He pulled a plastic card out of his pocket and held it up. It had graduated-sized holes in it. He pointed to the largest one on the card, about the size of a small plum or a child's fist. 

"You have a tumor this size," he said, with less drama than if he were telling me I had a tear in my stocking. "You need to see a surgeon right away." 

I lay there for a minute, maybe more. Tears ran down the sides of my face into my hair and onto the paper covering of the exam table. I never felt that tumor in my breast. I had only been aware of a tugging sensation beneath the underwire of my bra. 

Within an hour's time I was sitting in a surgeon's office with a big manila envelope in my lap that held the images from my first-ever mammogram. It was a little after five in the afternoon. 

The surgeon told me I would need to have surgery right away. Again, I pulled out my date book and again, a hand went out to push it down as she said, "I've cleared my schedule for tomorrow morning, first thing." 

Not more than 12 hours later,We deal with various silicone jewelry wholesale especially the silicone bracelet. in that cruel dark before dawn, I took a cab back to the hospital and had the first of what would be several breast surgeries. 

I didn't have the test Jolie had. I did know that there was a history of cancer in my family, but I was unsure what it was exactly, because the silence around cancer in my parents' generation was still entrenched. I did know that my great aunt had breast cancer and that my father's grandmother had died of it when my grandmother was a small girl–the only girl in a family of brothers. I knew that she had literally died screaming in agony in the bedroom of my grandmother's house. 

Even as a feminist and a reporter, that's what I knew about breast cancer at 26. That my great-grandmother died at 37, screaming, as my seven-year-old grandmother listened downstairs. 

No one suggested to me that I have a prophylactic mastectomy.Purchase quality USB flash drives wholesale, branded USB drives, custom USB flash drives, and promotional USB flash memory. I was only 26, and my surgeon, an attractive woman who was also a sculptor and always wore pearls in the operating room ("The one time I didn't, things went badly.") told me I would be fine, she had gotten it all out.

Digital photos and a fast disappearing past

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Those are in print. The negatives are in disarray, but the prints are still clear. To be honest, even the old ones have more character as they show some signs of fading with age, even a decade later. 

These days, I have “digital photos.” They look sharp. They are easy to move,Winbogifts iPhone headset are stereo headphones with choices for sport headphones, travel headphones, and more. copy and even edit. But they don’t last long. 

The one thing about a print photograph is that it is there. The only thing that can destroy it is fire,With unique items for custom keychain from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors. flooding or emotional outbursts in which the owner’s rip the old photographs to pieces. 

You can’t say that about digital images. Photographs I took in 1985 using a digital camera attached to my old IBM PC Jr., are gone. They are still on old 5 1/4 in disks – remember those? They’re like the 8-Track Tapes of today’s digital technology. 

The problem with digital images isn’t that they fade or disappear. The problem is that the technology keeps changing. Computer laptops crash and content on hard drives vanish. A hard drive crashing is worse than a fire or a flood. At least in a fire or a flood you have something that can be salvaged. In a computer crash that destroys your hard drive, nothing survives. Nothing. 

I have purchased a little technology that let’s me scrub oldThis pink ribbon ear cap was “for correcting and preventing the disfigurement of outstanding ears”. hard drives and search them using a USB port to find any documents and images that have survived.What happens if the merchant's chip terminal can't read a customer's chip card? But when I move those to other hard drives for storage, those hard drives eventually crash, too. 

In fact, I spent $200 for a Western Digital backup hard drive. It lasted 6 months and died. I took it back to Best Buy – when will I ever learn? And Best Buy said they couldn’t promise anything but for $100 they would try to salvage it and for another $100, or more, they could put anything they “saved” on CDs. 

I have purchased 15 digital cameras over the years. Each one is different and uses a different Memory Card. 

The Memory Card is a new scam from the computer industry to fleece me of more money. They keep getting bigger and they are practically all incompatible with older cameras. So the old Memory Cards don’t work on many of the old cameras and the old memory cards are not accessible on a lot of today’s technology. 

And while I might have lost a few photos through mishandling in the past, losing a memory card or a hard drive crash can cost you a thousands photos. 

That’s just the start of how technology has done two terrible things to our lives. First, they make us pay a lot of money for unreliable products. And two, the issue of compatibility and access are questionable. Many of your old digital photos are just gone and you will never see them, unless of course, you are willing to cough up hundreds of dollars and pay a monthly bill to store them forever on one of those clouds.If you're looking for a fun and memorable way to impress, you'll want to consider make your own bobblehead. 

I prefer storing photos on the pages of a photo album. They take up space but they are so much easier to enjoy. I can scan the pages of a photo book far easier and faster than I can scan images on a hard drive. 

Images are coded, too. They don’t have names. You have to rename each image and even give them a date if you want to find something that is important to you, or else you have to separate them into sub-directories grouping them by topic, event or subject. 

Technology really sucks. The reason is the computer morons who develop and design the software and computers are not normal people. They don’t have normal lives so they have no idea what normal people need. They have no idea how normal people do things. They only know the ones and zeros of programming and how to create things that satisfy their lack of knowledge of normal people.

Ready your resume with free community workshop

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People who are out of work or looking for a new job will have the opportunity to get free advice on how to rev up their resume. 

Bermuda’s Emerging Professionals (BEPRO), the young professionals division of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, will be hosting a free community workshop on Saturday, May 18 at CedarBridge Academy from 11am to 1pm. 

BEPRO organisers say the workshop is designed for Bermudians to learn how to create a resume or enhance the one they already have to help in their search for employment. 

Cleverly coined, ‘Ready Your Resume’, the workshop will begin with a short presentation from Jennifer Smatt-Adkins, president of Ontru Limited and the Bermuda Human Resources Association. The ‘how-to’ presentation will be followed by one-on-one tutorials at individual computer stations providing participants with a practical hands-on experience. 

Attendees will have access to computers and printers on-site and will receive a free USB flash drive, courtesy of Digicel, to take their resume home with them, as well as other materials related to finding a job. 

“It is BEPRO’s desire that the individuals who attend the workshop be in genuine need of assistance in this area; those who do not have such resources readily available to them, and that possessing a resume they are proud of, will help set attendees on the right path toward obtaining the job they choose to pursue,” BEPRO organizers said in a statement. 

All Phenom-World scanning electron microscopes are intuitive to use, compact,If you're looking for a fun and memorable way to impress, you'll want to consider make your own bobblehead. fast to create results and built to high quality standards. The most extended solution in the range is the Phenom proX. The advanced system identifies different elements in a specimen by using the integrated Element Identification software and specially designed EDS detector. 

The EID technique analyses X-rays generated in the specimen by the bombardment of electrons from an advanced CeB6 electron source. The EID software package is fully integrated, so there is no need to switch between software packages or computers. The software allows users to identify any hidden elements within a sample via the point-and-shoot functionality. Additionally, the software can be expanded with a combined Elemental Mapping and Line Scan option. 

Elemental Mapping reveals the distribution of elements within the sample. The selected elements can be mapped at a user-specified pixel resolution and acquisition time. Elements can be added or removed at any time during or after the mapping process.With unique items for custom keychain from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors.What happens if the merchant's chip terminal can't read a customer's chip card? Mapping can be done on the image as a whole, but there is an additional benefit included to save time by adding the Selected Area option. Line Scan allows analysis over a selected line. The key lies in the possibility to select each of the following: number of points, dwell time per point and number of passes. On top of that, the results can be easily exported and reported via an automated template. 

The Phenom proX desktop SEM is offered as a complete package: imaging module with EDX detector, 19” touch screen monitor, rotary knob, mouse, diaphragm vacuum pump, power supply,This pink ribbon ear cap was “for correcting and preventing the disfigurement of outstanding ears”. USB flash drive, Pro Suite 19” monitor, mini-PC, keyboard, pre-installed Pro Suite software and the applications Remote UI and Element Identification.Winbogifts iPhone headset are stereo headphones with choices for sport headphones, travel headphones, and more.

What’s the matter with sports fans?

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Eric Simons sits 50 rows up in Memorial Stadium, under a clear blue sky and a golden sun, reliving what he calls “this awful moment in Cal history.” 

It was from this very spot — section TT, straddling the 20-yard line, where his Berkeley-alum father has held four season tickets for the past 30 years — that Simons witnessed the end of the world on the night of Oct. 13,If you're looking for a fun and memorable way to impress, you'll want to consider make your own bobblehead. 2007, when a brain cramp by a freshman Golden Bears quarterback led to a heartbreaking last-second loss to Oregon State, costing Cal its best shot at a Rose Bowl berth since 1959.This pink ribbon ear cap was “for correcting and preventing the disfigurement of outstanding ears”. 

“I remember Kevin Riley coming this way and then running that way,” says Simons,What happens if the merchant's chip terminal can't read a customer's chip card? now a lecturer at the Graduate School of Journalism. “Everybody’s standing, and you can feel 75,000 people thinking, ‘Throw the ball away.’ And he did not. And everybody starts to gasp. And I remember the clock running down, you could see it hitting zero, and Jeff Tedford was probably standing over here, off my left shoulder, and the student section over here was noisy, and then just silent. 

“I remember standing here with my hands on my head, and everybody else standing with their hands on their heads, and I remember Tedford throwing his headset. And then the BART ride home, when I remember feeling so isolated because I was sweaty and disgusting and exhausted, and my hat for whatever reason had shrunk and my head felt like it was pulsing through the hat. And I was kind of like,Winbogifts iPhone headset are stereo headphones with choices for sport headphones, travel headphones, and more. ‘What is wrong with me?’ In that moment, so much happened to me.” 

To the Berkeley J-School grad, a science journalist as enamored of great white sharks and hammerheads as of his beloved hockey Sharks, this was not a rhetorical question.With unique items for custom keychain from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors. What did happen to Simons — and what happens to anyone for whom love, hate, ecstasy, despair, personal relationships and personal hygiene can hinge on the fortunes of strangers performing spectacular feats with balls or pucks or only their own bodies — is the subject of his second book, The Secret Lives of Sports Fans: The Science of Sports Obsession. 

“The book is really trying to unpack what’s happening in that moment, but then realizing that part of the limitation of science is that it can’t possibly definitively capture its complexity,” says Simon, who sought answers everywhere from labs to watering holes, where he picked the brains of experts in testosterone, mirror neurons, philosophy, psychology, culture and Cleveland, among other subjects with something to tell us about sports fandom. The book explores the joy fans take in the success of their favorite teams and athletes — and that many take from the failure of rivals — and the peculiarly close connection some feel with perennial losers. 

So are sports fans empaths? Sociopaths? Junkies? Lovers? Haters? Testosterone freaks? Tribalists? Armchair warriors? Pseudo-religionists? Why is wearing the wrong colors at a soccer match in Italy or Argentina, say, an invitation to mayhem, while a Cardinal jersey in Berkeley on the day of the Big Game is apt to draw mostly good-natured ribbing? 

And are the answers likely to be found in biology and chemistry, or in disciplines like sociology, psychology and cultural anthropology?

3D gun plans on Pirate Bay site

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Defense Distributed, a Texas nonprofit that promotes the open-source development of firearms using 3D printers, withdrew the files needed to make the single-shot Liberator at the behest of the State Department on Thursday 

"This file has been removed from public access at the request of the US Department of Defense Trade Controls,Install a wind generator to harness the power of the wind." said Defense Distributed on its website, which it embellished with the State Department seal. 

"Until further notice,A letter folding machine is a piece of equipment which is designed to fold paper. the United States government claims control of the information," it added without elaboration. 

The State Department -- which confirmed it has been in contact with Defense Distributed, but gave no specifics -- is tasked with monitoring and licensing US arms exports through its Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. 

"The United States is cognizant of the potentially adverse consequences of indiscriminate arms transfers,All the personnel that deal with our industrial washing machine servicing are dedicated to the service department. and therefore we strictly regulate exported defense items and technologies to protect our national interests," State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said. 

But the crackdown on the Liberator clearly came too late to forestall the re-posting of its computer-aided design (CAD) files on The Pirate Bay, a popular peer-to-peer file sharing service that has been linked by its critics to film and music piracy. 

"Nice try blocking this fed," wrote one Pirate Bay user, utilizing a slang word for federal government,You will never need to change the bulbs and your solar outdoor light will last for years and years. in a comments section that veered strongly in favor of Americans' constitutional right to own and carry firearms. 

Guns of all kinds have been a divisive issue in the United States since the December 2012 massacre of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, that prompted fresh calls for tougher gun laws. 

The white-and-blue .380-caliber Liberator bears a vague resemblance to its chunky namesake, the FP-45 Liberator pistol that the United States developed during World War II to be air-dropped to French Resistance fighters. 

For the Liberator to conform with US firearms law, the CAD files call for an inch-big chunk of steel to be sealed with epoxy glue in front of the trigger guard, so that the weapon can be spotted by metal detectors. 

It was successfully test-fired last week with a .380-caliber bullet by its inventor,Modern dry cleaning machine uses non-water-based solvents to remove soil and stains from clothes University of Texas law student Cody Wilson, although it exploded into pieces when a larger rifle bullet was used. 

Wilson said Friday he sees a court battle looming on the horizon, in a case that raises questions about online freedoms and the possibilities of open-source 3D printing innovation in a borderless Internet world. 

"This is not the last time (legal action) is going to happen, so perhaps now it's time to have the fight," he added. 

Supporters of tougher gun laws in the United States -- where there are nearly as many guns (an estimated 300 million) as there are people (about 315 million) and more than 30,000 gun-related deaths a year -- have voiced alarm. 

"Stomach-churning," noted Senator Charles Schumer of New York, while Congressman Steve Israel said it shows the urgency of adopting his initiative to outlaw plastic homemade guns that might escape metal or X-ray detection. 

No longer prohibitively expensive, 3D printers can be bought for about the same price as a top-end laptop computer. Brooklyn-based MakerBot, for instance, markets its desktop Replicator 2 for $2,199 with delivery in a week. 

After the Newtown massacre, MakerBot took down CAD files for semi-automatic rifle parts that gun enthusiasts had posted in its Thingiverse CAD library, which otherwise features pen holders, lamp shades, a tabletop wind turbine and a printable microscope among its most popular open-source designs.

Group opposes NPPD spending on wind

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A group of Nebraska electric utilities is asking the state’s largest power supplier to eliminate proposed investments in wind energy, emissions-reduction measures and energy efficiency programs to lower costs passed on to customers. 

The Nebraska Electric Generation and Transmission Cooperative Inc., which represents 21 public power districts including Cornhusker, Polk County Rural and Butler and one cooperative, made its case for the cuts Thursday after hiring a consultant to complete an independent review of Nebraska Public Power District’s 20-year integrated resource plan. 

That review, which was also backed by the Loup, Southern and Norris power districts,All the personnel that deal with our industrial washing machine servicing are dedicated to the service department. shows NPPD is not pursuing the “least-cost plan” for its wholesale customers, George Evans of Sage Management Consultants LLC told the NPPD Board of Directors during its monthly meeting. 

Specifically, Evans targeted $2.1 billion in wholesale revenue requirements dedicated to greenhouse gas reductions at coal-fired power plants and additional wind generation and energy efficiency programs.Install a wind generator to harness the power of the wind. Eliminating these costs, he said, would reduce the total wholesale revenue requirements of the plan by 12 percent, from $17.82 billion to $15.72 billion. 

Evans argued the proposed investment in wind power, an additional 650 megawatts at a cost of $300 million, isn’t necessary because NPPD has a good supply of electricity to serve its customers. 

“We believe the wind generation is driving up the rates unnecessarily,” said Evans, who told the board replacing wind energy with other sources would have saved nearly $20 million over the past two years. 

Bruce Pontow, general manager of Nebraska Electric Generation and Transmission Cooperative, backed up the consultant’s statements. 

He said the cooperative didn’t oppose NPPD’s goal of generating 10 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020, but they can’t support another self-imposed mandate for more wind energy at this time. 

NPPD currently generates 42 percent of its energy from carbon-free sources, mainly Cooper Nuclear Station,A letter folding machine is a piece of equipment which is designed to fold paper. and 9 percent of its power comes from renewable sources. 

The cooperative supports a proposal to boost the output at the nuclear plant near Brownville as the most cost-effective option if more generation is needed.We may contact you if more information is needed to locate a solar street light. The NPPD Board of Directors approved the $243 million extended power uprate in December, but spokesman Mark Becker said Thursday the utility continues to review the schedule and cost estimate for the project, which will be revisited by the board later this year. 

If implemented, the project is expected to increase Cooper’s generating capacity by 18 percent, from 800 to 946 megawatts, following the refueling outage in late 2018. 

Evans said other assumptions in the NPPD plan are “skewing” the results to make investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency appear more favorable. 

The $1.6 billion in revenue requirements included to reduce emissions at coal-fired plants may not be needed,Modern dry cleaning machine uses non-water-based solvents to remove soil and stains from clothes he said, because tighter regulations proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency have yet to make it through the legal system. 

Evans also questioned whether a $200 million investment in NPPD’s energy efficiency programs will lead to a large decrease in customers’ energy use, calling the utility’s projection of a 143-megawatt reduction in peak demand by 2032 “unverified” and “too optimistic.” 

“We’d like to see some verification that that program is actually going to produce those energy savings before we’re going to buy into that,” he said.

Don't fall for the solar panel flannel!

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Door-to-door salesmen, I’d always thought, should be young, sleek and brimming with optimism for the brighter future they are about to sell you. 

But this particular chap (he said his name was Charles) was middle-aged and looked as though his self-belief had taken a knock or two over the years. 

Charles had somehow got me engaged in conversation and was attempting to convince me — without any success — that I would never know the meaning of ‘true happiness’ until I fitted a solar panel on my roof. All I can say is that he had me fairly yawning with fascination until he produced a classic line that had me hooked. 

‘Am I right in thinking that I detect the harmonious notes of Yorkshire in your accent?’ he ventured. I confessed he was right. I come from Skipton,All the personnel that deal with our industrial washing machine servicing are dedicated to the service department. a small market town known as the Gateway to the Dales. 

‘In that case,’ he carried on, assuming a respectful look, ‘there’s no point trying to pull the wool over your eyes.’ 

In a second, I saw how wrong I had been in my initial assessment of him. Charles was clearly a man of impeccable judgment, a man of piercing intelligence who knew true quality when he saw it. 

He was a man you would trust with your life, and even your house’s electricity supply. And I am not, as we’ve just established, someone who can easily be deceived. 

After that, everything fell into place. My south-facing cottage near Midhurst in West Sussex, was ideal for solar panels. It was almost a crime against nature to let all that sunshine go to waste. With solar panels,You will never need to change the bulbs and your solar outdoor light will last for years and years. the sunshine would be collected. 

How? I had no idea. Probably the same way they collect rain: they’ll run the sunshine off in downpipes and collect it in sun bins. We Yorkshiremen don’t worry ourselves with minor technical problems — that’s what wives are for. 

It was only when Charles began talking about what he described as ‘The Bigger Picture’ that I became aware of my own ignorance in such green issues. Gently he pointed out several universal truths that had slipped past me. Did I know, for example, that four million tons of the sun’s matter were turned into energy every second? No, I did not. 

Was I aware that every two days the sun showers the Earth with energy equivalent to all the known reserves of stored fuel in the world? No, I was not. 

I asked in jest whether all the ‘known reserves of stored fuel’ on Earth included my log-pile, and he replied that it almost certainly did. I tell you,Install a wind generator to harness the power of the wind. my ignorance on issues of green energy was a disgrace. 

Not only did I not know this stuff, I didn’t even know what it meant when he told me. But even as we sat in my garden talking, the sun was pouring down its beneficent blessings on to a roof shamefully naked of panels. 

The answer, Charles said, was simplicity itself.A letter folding machine is a piece of equipment which is designed to fold paper. Across the garden table, he slipped graphs and charts that illustrated the paradise towards which we were heading. 

The lines going upwards showed the money I would be saving if I installed his panels. The ones going downwards showed the electricity I would no longer have to buy. 

The idea was that sun heats up the panels as best it can, and then, if necessary, the normal electricity supply system steps in to top up the power produced by the panels.

The result would be electricity bills so small that I would chuckle smugly when I opened them. 

What’s more, Charles suggested that if I cared to put up more than one solar panel on my roof, I could then sell any excess electricity produced to the Government. 

That was all a bit too complicated for me.Modern dry cleaning machine uses non-water-based solvents to remove soil and stains from clothes If we are getting anywhere near a situation where the Government is relying on me to supply the nation’s energy, then the only thing that can help is prayer, and lots of it.

Flowers for a gravesite on Mother's Day

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If it's OK to plant in-ground flowers, you could tag-team daffodils with a few summer annuals to get color for most of the growing season. 

This time of year, plant the annuals. We should be done with frost by now. Your best bet would be choices that like full sun and tolerate heat and drought. 

Tops on my list for that are: annual vinca, petunias (especially the 'Supertunia,' 'Wave,' 'Famous' and 'Surfinia' series), marigolds, dwarf zinnias (especially the 'Profusion' and 'Zahara' series), and compact celosia 'Fresh Look Red' and/or 'Fresh Look Gold.' 

To keep it simple but nice, I'd pick one of those and plant several. 

If your mother had a favorite color, that might help guide which of the above you pick. Hopefully she also liked at least one of the above types. 

One other one I like is an orchid-like annual called angelonia.Conventional wind power generators on large masts are the standard for generating clean energy from the wind. They look dainty but are actually pretty durable out in the open.Unique tungsten jewelry can be found at Forever Metals with ceramic inlay, A nice little side note is that one variety of them carries the appropriate name 'Angel Wings.' They come in purple, blue-purple, white and pink. 

All annuals will do best if you can water them once or twice a week for the first few weeks until their roots get established a bit. Then they should be able to hold their own if rain cooperates occasionally over the of the categories below and select a personalized bobbleheads design to start to design. 

To help with water tolerance, work an inch or two of compost or potting mix into the loosened top 8 or 10 inches of soil before planting. You could even add a small amount of granular polymer crystals such as SoilMoist or TerraSorb to the soil before planting. These soak up water and then release it gradually when the surrounding soil dries, giving you an extra day or two of moisture. Stick with the quantity instructions on the label because if you overdo it, they come bubbling out of the soil like a washing machine with way too much detergent. 

Come fall, you could replace the annuals with mums for weeks of color into late fall – especially if the annuals are going downhill by then or when they get killed by frost. 

October is the best month to plant bulbs, such as daffodils. You can insert them even underneath the mums to cover the whole planting bed, if you like. 

If you use mums, yank them when they brown out or remove them in very early spring if you want to try planting them somewhere else. Hardy mums often come back for multiple years. 

The reason I'd clear them out after just one fall here is to make room for the spring provides reliable operation and guarantees your washer extractor. They'll poke up in late winter and bloom for about 2 weeks or so in early spring. 

Let the daffodils alone until around mid-May or when the foliage just starts to yellow. Then cut it all to the ground and plant new annuals between and/or over top of the dormant bulbs. 

If you want to (and are allowed to) plant something that comes back year after year, there are some nice perennial flowers that bloom for a fairly long time. But none of them bloom all season long. That's the tradeoff for having them come back year after year.I have been thinking about purchasing a dry cabinet to protect the fortune. 

One of my favorites is the new coreopsis 'Big Bang Mercury Rising,' which grows about 18 inches tall and has narrow leaves and deep rose flowers. It blooms for 8-10 weeks in summer and then from early fall through October if you give it a light cutback after the first flowering.

A caveat for strawberry season

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The U-pick farms are about to open for another year of wholesome family fun.Attach remote solar panels to solar garden light that will not receive the required amount of direct sunlight. Who doesn't enjoy bringing home gallons of sweet-tasting berries for shortcake and jam? 

The problem is that killjoy columnists like me have to mention that strawberries rank high on the pesticide-o-meter, unless you buy organic. And many growers don't use organic farming methods.Books can be as thick as 4 inches and yet the Book scanner 9000 delivers flat. 

But there's a way to salvage your strawberry pie. It requires a judgment call, and when it comes to organics, this isn't the only time you'll need to make one. 

I've covered this in past columns, but it's been awhile, and it's worth repeating. So let's put organics in perspective – again. 

The first rule is that, in general, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, whether conventional or organic, is better than eating too few. That's why,construction provides reliable operation and guarantees your washer extractor. when I'm away from home and find a bowl of apples at the motel check-in counter, I take one or two. 

They're probably not organic, and they probably haven't been washed. But I eat them anyway, because – organic or not – they're better for me than a cookie or a bag of chips from a vending machine. 

Once your diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, you can think about refinement. Buy organic when you can, especially for foods most likely to contain higher amounts of pesticide residues. 

I wrote last week about the Environmental Working Group's "Dirty Dozen" list. It's especially important if you're feeding young children. 

Be practical. If the only organic produce available at the supermarket is ridiculously expensive, shriveled or turning to mush, skip it.Conventional wind power generators on large masts are the standard for generating clean energy from the wind. Buy what's fresh, even if it's conventional. These are the trade-offs all of us face. 

So I'll eat the grapes and celery sticks at the office party, but I'll buy organic when I shop. I'll order a spinach salad at a restaurant, but I'll be sure the spinach is organic when I buy it for home. 

I took my kids strawberry picking and got great pleasure washing bucketsful of berries in the kitchen sink. But I only put organic berries into my basket at the supermarket. 

Once in a while never hurts. It's what you do consistently that counts. Remember that, and eat your fruits and vegetables. 

At the same time almost one in five – 17 per cent – are now working longer hours simply to ensure they can cover their bills. The proportion who count themselves as happy with their standard living is down from 60 per cent to 50 per cent in a year. 

There is no spare cash for home repairs, maintenance or make-overs, with consumers saying their top three priorities are paying the bills,You Can Buy Various High Quality industrial washing machine Products. adding to rainy day savings and saving for big-ticket purchases, such as a new washing machine. 

People are staying in more and cooking from scratch, which has seen a resurgence in home baking, boosted by the likes of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. 

Mintel said: "The economic downturn kick-started a renaissance in the home-baking market with some 34 per cent of Brits cooking or baking more from scratch and value sales rocketing by 84 per cent over the past five years to reach 410 million in 2012."

Keeping up with changes in washers and dryers

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Just as each generation of smartphone has new capabilities, appliance manufacturers are also constantly adding new features. Since the last time you bought a washing machine, for example, manufacturers have added heat and steam functions to washers to remove dust mites and pet dander. 

The new machines are also quieter. Many use advanced sound-reducing material to dampen the noise. Some have a feature to reduce the vibration during the spin cycle. 

Have you ever washed a load of clothes and forgotten about it until several hours later? Some new washers take that into consideration, venting in fresh air and occasionally tumbling the clothes to prevent the kind of odors that can develop when wet clothes sit for hours. 

Over the last few years many washer manufacturers have added steam capability that can help root out tough stains. Some use oxygen-based cleaners to brighten clothes without bleach. 

Dryers have also added features, including sensors to automatically shut down when the clothes are dry. That helps prevent over-drying and shrinkage and can extend the life of the fabric. 

Sometimes you don't really need to wash an item of clothing, you just need to freshen it up a bit. Some dryers come with a steam feature that allows you to relax wrinkles and remove odors, saving a rewash. 

Need to dry something in a hurry? You can if your new dryer has an express cycle that uses a large blower to increase the airflow, drying the clothing faster. 

It's a good idea to read consumer reviews for all the brands you're considering because, in the past at least, some models have drawn a large number of complaints. In 2005 Maytag settled a class action suit over its Neptune washers. 

According to documents filed in a suit heard in Illinois, many Maytag consumers complained of their machine functioning improperly and clothing being covered in mold, as a result of problems with the door latch, wax motor, motor control, and related circuit boards.Conventional wind power generators on large masts are the standard for generating clean energy from the wind.Unique tungsten jewelry can be found at Forever Metals with ceramic inlay, 

“When I called and told him what type washer it was he was surprised it was working at all,” Donna of the categories below and select a personalized bobbleheads design to start to design. “Seems they had a problem with water leaking into the transmission. Apparently I was lucky that mine had worked for as long as it did.” 

Veronica,construction provides reliable operation and guarantees your washer extractor. of Calgary, Alberta, had problems with her new Samsung washer. 

“There was never enough water,” she writes. “Like some others, I often fill the washer with buckets of water. Though the capacity looks huge, forget trying to fill the machine, it simply won't work. If it's heavy at all it will go off balance and quit. It takes probably two to three times longer to wash a load than my old Maytag.” 

Veronica notes that when she called Lowes, where she bought to machine, to complain a customer service rep told her she needed to learn how to properly operate the appliance. That could well be an issue with a number of problems consumers report with their new washers and dryers. These machines are a lot more sophisticated than previous models and may, in fact, be harder to properly operate. 

Both Donna and Veronica wished they had their old washers and dryers back and there might be a lesson there. Considering what a new washer-dryer combo costs these days,I have been thinking about purchasing a dry cabinet to protect the fortune. if you are in the market for laundry appliances, perhaps picking up good used washers and dryers, at a fraction of the price and much simpler to operate, could fill your needs.

Concerns at ‘turbine alley’ in Fife

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Save Carnbee and Arncroach Landscape and Environment (Scale) says there is a proliferation of the renewable energy generators along the B940 from Higham Toll to Muirhead. 

It has urged councillors to see for themselves the countryside between Anstruther and Dunino, where more may be erected, before deciding whether to permit them. 

A planning application for the 67-metre structures at Bonerbo, Balmonth and Drumrack farms is due to be determined on Wednesday and Scale wants members of the north-east planning committee to first visit the site and a 47-metre turbine at nearby South Baldutho. 

Lucy Smith of Scale said: “It’s turning into turbine alley along the East Neuk ridge and we really need to ask ourselves if we want one long continuous windfarm along the East Neuk’s landward horizon because that’s where we’re heading. 

“Local people have been horrified by the sheer scale of the so-called farm turbine at South Baldutho — it looks like an escapee from an industrial wind factory, dwarfing everything around it. It is impossible to get an accurate sense of the impact a turbine will have on the landscape purely from photomontages or wire frames — the South Baldutho turbine shows how applications invariably minimise visual impact. 

“Like the South Baldutho turbines, the Bonerbo turbines are being presented as small-scale farmers’ turbines when in fact they are of a size and concentration akin to an industrial windfarm. 

“Far from being tucked away in undulating ground,All Continental flatwork ironer offer easy-to-operate controls that provide efficient performance and flexibility. they will sit hundreds of feet above Anstruther and become a dominant feature of the East Neuk.” 

Within five kilometres of Bonerbo, Balmonth and Drumrack,Shop online for laundry dryer and washers in a variety of brands and styles. 10 turbines ranging in height from 15 to 47 metres have been given the nod. 

Two windfarms with a total of 11 turbines towering 100 and 110 metres are also in the pipeline. 

Planners have recommended approval of the Bonerbo, Balmonth and Drumrack turbines which they say will help meet Scottish Government targets for renewable energy production. 

They also say the structures can be accommodated in the landscape and are too far away from houses for residential amenity to be an issue. 

And at the April 30 competition, they also won first place for most innovative design for their single-bladed wind turbine. 

The school sent two teams of six students to the university. Each created a video explaining the design of the windmill. They later tested their designs in the university’s wind tunnel.If you're looking for a fun and memorable way to impress, you'll want to consider make your own bobblehead

Emerson Brown, a Grade 11 student who competed, said although the school’s turbine wasn’t as energy-efficient as a two-bladed windmill, it certainly impressed judges. 

“They said they had never seen a windmill with one blade. So that was really cool. We were pretty proud.” 

The single-bladed design produced about three watts of power and the double-bladed system produced about 10 watts. 

Grade 11 student Niki Brideau said each team created its own video and each took about 30 hours to complete. 

“We know from competing in previous years that a lot of teams don’t really focus on the video, so if we did we could show them we knew our stuff through our videos,” she said.A wide range of solar light, LED lighting and Auto lights. 

One of them was a stop-motion video and the other a hand-drawn animation film comprising 2,Install a wind generator to harness the power of the wind.000 still images. 

Science teacher Jason Dorinzi said students really took the competition seriously and it wasn’t easy for them to build the single-bladed system.

SS Badger begins 60th season

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There was no brass band playing but many people gathered at the Lake Michigan Carferry dock this morning to board the carferry SS Badger or see it off on its first trip of 2013 — a sailing season that at the end of last season was in doubt due to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rulings on coal ash. 

“I’m just happy we have such a beautiful day to start our season,” Bob Manglitz, president and CEO of Lake Michigan Carferry, said while looking at the blue sky shortly before today’s 9 a.m. departure of the Badger for Manitowoc, Wisconsin. If you're looking for a fun and memorable way to impress, you'll want to consider make your own bobblehead.

“I’m feeling good and happy we’re getting out of here,Scfwindturbine is the oldest and most experienced manufacturer of residential-sized wind turbine in the world.” Manglitz said. 

The company began its season about two to three weeks early this year to haul wind turbine parts from Manitowoc to a wind farm being constructed in eastern Michigan. 

While these early voyages across Lake Michigan were scheduled for the truckers hauling the wind turbine parts, today’s trip still attracted about 100 passengers who were seeking a quick and entertaining trip across the lake. 

“It’s an economical way to travel and save wear and tear on my vehicle and for the experience — I enjoy the lake,” Ryan Koenigs of Marinette, Wisconsin, said today. “I took the trip from Marinette Friday to see my girlfriend graduate at Central Michigan University,” Koenigs said. “I plan to take the ferry back to save on gas.” 

Koenigs said he and his girlfriend plan to suggest her family members use the Badger when they travel to visit her in Marinette. 

“It’s not like driving, it’s something you don’t do so much,Shop online for laundry dryer and washers in a variety of brands and styles.” he said. 

Jim and Sheila Carroll of Mount Pleasant were also using the Badger to travel to Wisconsin today while celebrating the end of spring semester at CMU, where Jim teaches. 

“I’m just glad to see the government extended their operating,” Watson said about LMC’s negotiations with the EPA over the Badger’s release of coal ash into Lake Michigan. 

The EPA had previously given LMC until December 2012 to halt the Badger’s release of coal ash into the lake, but in March announced a proposed consent decree agreement that would allow the SS Badger two more years before it must stop discharging coal ash from its power system into Lake Michigan. 

The public comment period for that draft of the agreement ended April 26 and it attracted more than 7,000 comments which now have to be reviewed. Once that review is complete, the Department of Justice could suggest changes to the proposed agreement or it could recommend it be accepted as submitted. 

“We’ve written the letters and we’ve done what we can. We’re sick about what the EPA is doing,” Kathy Stewart of Lowell said about that comment period while waiting this morning to watch the Badger leave. “We truly feel a lot of this is coming from Sen. (Dick) Durbin and a lot of this is due to competition with Lake Express in Muskegon and it can’t haul wind turbines.” 

She and her husband, Bob Stewart, are seasonal residents at Tamarac Village and Kathy said they probably come to the Badger dock four times a week to watch it leave or return. 

“It’s a beautiful day and we had a wonderful shakedown cruise last week,All Continental flatwork ironer offer easy-to-operate controls that provide efficient performance and flexibility. almost seven hours, and it should be smooth sailing today,” Curtis said. 

He said new cylinder sleeves were installed on the Badger’s engine during the off season and he said the engine is now running cooler and should experience more fuel efficiency.A wide range of solar light, LED lighting and Auto lights.

New deal sought on $200M green energy

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Saipan Development LLC adviser Kenneth Mahmood and Green Global Solutions Saipan LLC presenteA wide range of solar light, LED lighting and Auto lights.d yesterday afternoon a proposed development of some $200 million worth of wind and solar projects on Tinian and Saipan, drawing a mix of interest, concerns, and questions from senators. 

This comes months after SDLLC signed with CNMI officials a $190.8-million diesel power deal that later became one of the bases for two impeachment resolutions against former governor Benigno R. Fitial. Fitial resigned days before his impeachment trial at the Senate. 

Senators said yesterday that the new proposal includes 30-megawatt wind turbines on Tinian with plans of delivering to Saipan the alternative power produced through underwater cable, as well as a 10-MW solar energy plant on Saipan. 

Another presentation will be held at 2pm at the Legislature this afternoon but this time around, senators also invited House of Representatives members. 

“The total cost of the project is about $200 million,” Sen. Frank Cruz (R-Tinian) told Saipan Tribune. Cruz said he helped arrange the presentation. 

Other senators interviewed by Saipan Tribune late yesterday afternoon, including Senate President Ralph Torres (R-Saipan), Senate Vice President Victor Hocog (R-Rota), Senate floor leader Ray Yumul (IR-Saipan), and Public Utilities, Transportation and Communications Committee chair Sen. Pete Reyes (IR-Saipan), confirmed major details about Green Global Solutions' proposal. 

Reyes said the Senate “did not commit” to anything. Hocog, for his part, said the presenters stated that “there's zero obligation from the CNMI government.” 

“But they ask that there's something in black-and-white indicating the CNMI government's support for this project,” Hocog said,Modern dry cleaning machine uses non-water-based solvents to remove soil and stains from clothes referring to a PPA. 

Cruz,Install a wind generator to harness the power of the wind. Torres, and other senators said that, from what they understand, Mahmood will be the one handling the financing for the proposed project. 

“They want a 25- to 30-year arrangement with the government,” Torres said. 

Reyes,All Continental flatwork ironer offer easy-to-operate controls that provide efficient performance and flexibility. along with other senators, was concerned most about the proposed 27 cents per kilowatt-hour rate which-when operation, administrative, and other costs are added-could easily end up being equal to the over 30 cents per kwh that consumers currently pay the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. 

“I personally think 27 cents is too high. It won't reach end users at 27 cents because there are added costs. I am not convinced. At the end of the day, the only proposal I am going to support is one that can reduce the rate to end-users, but not if it's only 1 or 2 cents difference from what we are paying now,” Reyes said. 

Mahmood and Green Global Solutions' presentation to the Senate comes nine months after SDLLC signed a $190.8-million power purchase agreement with then governor Fitial and then attorney general Edward Buckingham for a diesel power plant on Saipan. A taxpayer lawsuit against the PPA's signing was filed and is still being pursued. 

Fitial, whose whereabouts remain unknown since he resigned on Feb. 20 prior to an impeachment trial at the Senate, is a subject of a penal summons. The CNMI government,If you're looking for a fun and memorable way to impress, you'll want to consider make your own bobblehead. meanwhile, is seeking Buckingham's extradition. 

Mahmood returned to Saipan in December, continuing to promote and pursue SDLLC's diesel power plant project. 

Reyes said in his personal view, “it seems” Mahmood's main concern is to have the CUC power plant removed from its current location in Lower Base “to give way to a shipyard project.”

Lenox Select Board members

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With a debate looming at town meeting on Thursday, the Select Board has voted unanimously to support a conservation restriction that would protect 948 scenic acres of Lenox Mountain land from residential, commercial or industrial development. 

The Yokun Ridge parcel includes the town's waterworks. The Department of Public Works, including the Water Department, and some residents oppose the conservation restriction because they believe it would add unnecessary red tape for reservoir-area work projects and would bar future generations from alternative uses of the town-owned land. 

At the most recent Select Board meeting, the proposal to assign the town's Conservation Commission and the Berkshire Natural Resources Council as stewards of the conservation restriction met with enthusiastic endorsement. Passage requires a two-thirds majority by voters during the 7 p.m. annual meeting at Lenox High School. 

Selectman Edward Lane,An industrial washing machine can help you keep up with large volumes of laundry or heavy items. citing initial skepticism, explained that he has attended meetings, studied the proposal and ended up supporting the conservation restriction. 

"I recognize that this land has been well taken care of, up to this point," said Selectman Channing Gibson. But, citing the municipal wind-turbine plan considered but abandoned by Town Hall last year, Gibson recalled his great alarm at how the town "had been misled by an engineering firm into thinking that mountain was a gold mine for us. That looked like a very good deal for the town, but it would have entailed massive destruction." 

He contended that the turbines would have "affected the water supply and certainly would have impacted,The skystream runs in very low winds and can interconnect with your local utility, potentially, the health of residents and the recreational, scenic value of the place." 

"Being a newcomer," he added, "I want to be careful about the kinds of agreements we enter into and that my own knee-jerk reactions are supported by careful study." 

Acknowledging the concerns raised by some residents, Gibson stated that the proposed restriction "gives us protection and also gives us an opportunity to amend in the case of extraordinary circumstances." He listed the Conservation Commission's support of the plan as crucial. 

"I think this is a really smart decision for the town," Gibson said. "I'm proud to support it." 

As chairman of the Watershed Study Committee that prepared the plan, Selectman John McNinch explained that he had not been in favor at first. 

"I wanted to make sure everything was vetted out," he said.A wide range of solar light, LED lighting and Auto lights. 

McNinch said he had two past and present town counsels examine to what extent current state law already protects the land. They came up with opposing views. 

"There are loopholes and several different ways of interpreting" the state law, he added, "whatever is convenient for the person.Our dry cabinet can sustain an ultra-low humidity of under 5% RH." 

Select Board Chairman Kenneth Fowler said he has become increasingly aware of how much the land means to the town's future. 

"I thought long and hard," Fowler said.Our dry cabinet can sustain an ultra-low humidity of under 5% RH. "What do we have that's Lenox? And the thing I think of and have been told over and over again is that we have the most beautiful place among many places. This [conservation restriction] actually makes sure that that beauty continues on."

For young professionals

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And now, introducing the official pace car of the Millennial Generation: The 2013 VW Jetta Hybrid. If ever a car embodied the values of an entire age cohort, the new Jetta Hybrid is it. 

Fun, hip, economical and environmentally friendly, the new Jetta Hybrid makes you wonder why VW waited so long to get the hybrid party started. 

There's a very low-volume Touareg SUV hybrid, but that barely counts. Could a Chattanooga-made Passat hybrid be next in line? 

Actually, there's a sound reason for VW's delay in embracing gas-electric Jettas. The same adjectives -- fun, hip, economical, etc. -- apply to the torque-happy Jetta TDI. But many American buyers still can't bring themselves to climb aboard the diesel train. (The base Jetta gets VW's workhorse five-cylinder gas engine.) 

The new Jetta Hybrid fuses a 1.4-liter four-cylinder gas engine with a small electric motor to yield 170 combined horsepower,We're making Book scanner and digitization accessible to everyone. and -- importantly -- 40-plus miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving. 

Last week, we snagged one of the two Jetta Hybrids on the lot at Village VW of Chattanooga, courtesy of sales manager Ron Kwaitkowski. 

VW has estimated that hybrids may account for about 5 percent of Jetta sales this year, according to reports in the automotive press -- not a lot,Our dry cabinet can sustain an ultra-low humidity of under 5% RH. but enough for VW to get a foothold in the hybrid segment. 

If you drive a new car every week like I do, it's easy to get design fatigue.An industrial washing machine can help you keep up with large volumes of laundry or heavy items. Sometimes it takes going to the VW store to clear your head. 

Like all VW products, the Jetta Hybrid proves the axiom: Less is more. Aside from some discreet exterior Hybrid badges and a label on the glovebox, the Jetta Hybrid looks just like a standard model. Which is not bad.Our dry cabinet can sustain an ultra-low humidity of under 5% RH. Conservative sheet metal in Black Pearl pairs well with 10-spoke alloys. A thin chrome accent runs from the A-pillar to the C-pillar and the trunk lid has a small spoiler. 

Inside, our test car featured a two-tone color scheme, Cornsilk Beige leatherette seats, and black and white dash. The cabin has a classy richness often absent in today's more popular, but monotonous, all-black cabins. The Jetta's dash is gratifyingly simple, with nice round gauges and a simple AC and stereo layout. What a gift it was to be able to operate the radio on the first try. 

Our test car was an SE model and featured such standard equipment as 15-inch alloys, leatherette seats, touchscreen radio, keyless entry and LED tail-lights. 

The bane of many hybrid sedans is the mind-numbing driving dynamics that accompany CVT transmissions and whisper-quiet drive-trains.The skystream runs in very low winds and can interconnect with your local utility, The Jetta Hybrid, on the other hand, comes with VW's slick, seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. You can actually feel and hear the gear shifts, so all the fun is not sucked out of the drive home. 

While not quite as explosive off the mark as the Jetta TDI, the Jetta Hybrid is plenty punchy. VW estimates the car's 0-60 mph time at roughly 8.6 seconds. The company also says the Jetta Hybrid can accelerate up to 37 mph under electric power only. 

The small four-cylinder engine is mated to a 20kW electric motor powered by a battery pack over the rear axle that somewhat reduces storage space in the car's trunk. 

On a test drive on area highways last week, the Jetta Hybrid proved to be a spunky companion with the precise steering and solid feel synonymous with a German engineered sedan.

Variety of assets to be sold

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In addition to a number of notable auctions, the firm has also been instructed to auction assets stemming from a sizeable engineering and machine tool business specialising in the refurbishment and repairs of diesel engines. 

A large collection of machinery and equipment comprises the bulk of the assets being made available for sale, which will be sold piece meal via a timed online auction. 

Additional machinery and equipment which is being made available via this sale includes a Eumach machining centre, a Quaser machining centre, a Takisawa CNC lathe, assorted bandsaws, lathes and conrod resizers, assorted Sunen honing machines, an AMC Schou boring machine, assorted conrod resizers,You will never need to change the bulbs and your solar led light will last for years and years. a Sunen VGS valve seat machine and many more.The industry's leading manufacturer of Game machines

Miscellaneous items include, among others, a trolley of CNC tooling, a pile of scrap,Compare prices and buy all brands of solar module for home power systems and by the pallet. old engine heads and other engine parts, used and new engine parts, a five ton trolley jack, tressels, a battery charger, chassis dynamometer with computer, shelving, assorted inverter welders, pipe benders, line cutters and work benches. 

A comprehensive collection of assorted office equipment comprising desks, chairs and computers form part of the lot too. 

Says Alex Kioilos of PVA: "The assets being made available via this sale have been well maintained and will no doubt appeal greatly to both local and international specialist entities keen to bolster their own concerns. However, this lot offers plenty of non-specialist items which should pique the interest of a number of parties on the lookout for bargains.Easily installed solar mounting systems for flat roof racking and pitched roofs. Stand out items include the Faun mobile crane, Awea milling machines and robocut machines. "The fact that these assets are being sold online really boosts PVA's chances of achieving the best possible prices for these assets. The auction has already piqued the interest of a number of parties and we are fielding queries on a daily basis." 

Viewing will take place at 1st Avenue, Phalaborwa industrial sites from April 22 to April 26 from 9am to 4pm daily and at 11 Cobalt Street, Rustenberg from April 29 to May 3 from 9am to 4pm every day. 

The auction will go live online on May 7 from 10am and will close at 2pm. Kioilos says there is a possibility that the online window will be extended should there be late bids. 

The company offers low volume, short-run spring manufacturing,Guardian's standing seam roof clamp offers a temporary solution to tie off and stay in compliance on standing seam roofs. as well as higher volume production and warehousing. Springs are produced according to customer specifications, and are manufactured from a wide range of flat stock and round wires, ranging from 002-inch to 350-inch in diameter. With an expertise in part and tooling design, CSS develops sophisticated tooling to produce extremely tight stack tolerances, less than a thousandth of an inch. Critical CNC machined features may also be added to complicated stampings in the company's CNC department. 

CSS will also showcase their metal stamping expertise in the medical device arena. Drive channels, jaws, surgical staples, and titanium clips are just of few of the many components CSS has produced for assemblies used in handheld devices. CSS capabilities include prototyping and high speed progressive die stamping from 30-300 tons, in-die tapping, reel to reel processes, modular die options, and short run stamping. 

They provide springs, metal stampings, machined stampings & sub-assemblies for OEM's worldwide. In business since 1939, CSS prides itself in design and engineering involvement that starts with product development, and moves through prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly to warehousing and point of use.

A not-so-cuddly tale of evil

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That’s not the most masculine admission, of course. Gender stereotypes being what they are, it would be much more acceptable for me to proclaim a love of ugly, hard-nosed dogs named Buster or Killer – animals that chew meat and smell like armpits. And I love them, too,We may contact you if more information is needed to locate a street light. providing they don’t pee on my laptop. Cats, though, are almost painfully cute, low-maintenance creatures that cuddle and purr and pounce on things. A cat and a laser pointer can provide hours of entertainment, more so than a Pauly Shore movie,It is one of the leading industrial laundry equipment manufacturers of industrial extractor, tumble dryer ect. although that’s largely because Pauly Shore is dumb. 

Every animal, unfortunately, is capable of its own evils. You’ll never see a cat threaten a nuclear strike, or force you to watch “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” But once in a while, a feline comes along that makes you glad it doesn’t have the opposable thumbs necessary to operate a switchblade. 

That’s probably not his real name, but we all know cats only respond to the sounds of can openers and deflating balloons, so I’m just gonna go ahead and call him Schmucky. It’s a well-earned moniker. Schmucky has the temperament of an injured Iranian soccer player, combined with the glowing personality of Stalin. If Schmucky were a man, he’d have a face tattoo and massive biceps from years of arm-wrestling in dive bars. 

Sadly, I can’t avoid this objectionable beast. See, my apartment is uniquely situated: There’s the apartment proper, where I can shadow-box and play air drums to Kool and the Gang in complete privacy, but in the back, there’s access to a room I share with one of my neighbors. This room basically amounts to a massive shed – a giant, sawdust-smelling tinderbox that’s perfect for storing old microwaves and back issues of Nintendo magazines. I use this storage space to house dumbbells and freeweights,You've determined that a solar photovoltaic system is the right choice for you. because I’ve convinced myself it’s not too late to transform a physique that resembles a melting lump of candle wax. 

Trust me, I’m not trying to sound manly. I’m about as manly as a scented candle. But I mess about with my weights because it makes me feel like less of a sloppy bum. Until recently, I could do this in relative peace. That was before Schmucky – my neighbor’s orange tabby cat – commandeered the storage room and turned it into his own private bunker of hatred. 

I’m usually good with cats. In fact, at a friend’s recent birthday party, I was nicknamed the Cat Whisperer, although to be fair, it was a nickname I invented myself, and no one believed me. Still, I have a way with animals. I consider it a personal failure if I haven’t earned an animal’s friendship. Or at least its respect, which it expresses by not pooping on me. 

But I knew I was in for a challenge when I met Schmucky. Truth is, Schmucky’s kind of a putz. The first time I walked into the shed and saw him standing stiff-legged in front of my dumbbells, he hissed a hiss that could strip the varnish off a park bench. As I approached him slowly, cooing and trying to chill him out, he backed away but kept his teeth bare, as if daring me to make a move. Any move. Anything at all that would justify his lion’s ancestral call to go mental on my tender ankles. 

Needless to say, it was a bit disconcerting.Guardian's standing seam roof clamp offers a temporary solution to tie off and stay in compliance on standing seam roofs. As Schmucky disappeared all ghost-like into one of the room’s hidden nooks, as felines are want to do, I started my workout routine without incident, thinking he had run off to smoke a Marlboro and cool down.The industry's leading manufacturer of Game machines. Then, as I stood to do curls, a venomous hiss erupted from just above my head. 

There’s a scene in “Rocky IV” – undoubtedly the most ridiculous of the Rockys – in which Sylvester Stallone’s title character stands in the middle of a boxing ring prior to his big fight. His opponent is a towering Russian killing machine who looks like a ’roided-up Dolph Lundgren, possibly because it’s a ’roided up Dolph Lundgren. The two fighters stare each other down in the seconds before the opening bell. The Russian, with a stone face and soul-dead eyes, says to Rocky, “I must break you.” And for 15 rounds, he nearly does.

Laser Scanning Software Improves Coastal Monitoring

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Specialist software supplied by 3D Laser Mapping is being used to process millions of individual laser scanned measurements in order to help protect and conserve the beaches of Sussex on the south coast of England.Have a look at all our Custom bobbleheads models starting with free proofing. The TerraSolid software, purchased by Adur and Worthing Councils, is being used to identify and isolate ground points from data collected by a laser scanner mounted on quad bike. These terrain models are then used to create a range of deliverables for the Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme; an extensive integrated survey programme for coastal process monitoring and analysis. 

“The TerraScan software purchased from 3D Laser Mapping will allow us to format,It is one of the leading industrial laundry equipment manufacturers of industrial extractor, tumble dryer ect. edit and classify our laser scanned data in an efficient and consistent manner,” commented Dan Amos Project Manager for the Strategic Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme at Adur & Worthing Councils. “We can now create TerraScan projects within MicroStation and, using predefined macros, classify and export ground points for onward processing and creation of our deliverables.” 

“We are confident that using TerraSolid we will be able to refine our techniques, saving significant amounts of time and producing more consistent results than previously achieved.” 

Adur & Worthing Councils regularly survey the beaches between Selsey Bill and Rye Harbour using a mobile laser mapping system mounted on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle). The data is processed and submitted to the Channel Coast Observatory where it is made freely available for use by other Local Authorities within the region, the Environment Agency, consultants in coastal defence, conservation management,Compare prices and buy all brands of solar module for home power systems and by the pallet. academic research and for educational purposes. 

In addition to the original supply of the software, 3D Laser Mapping also delivered an onsite training programme to end users at Adur & Worthing Councils. “The training was exactly what we required, informative yet informal. The trainer was clearly experienced in the software and was happy to answer any questions we had at the time and on subsequent occasions” concluded Amos. 

The TerraSolid software supplied by 3D Laser Mapping forms part of a suite of solutions specifically designed for the processing of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and image data from airborne and mobile laser scanning systems. TerraScan is a recognised product within the laser-scanning industry, designed to manage the millions of individual point measurements collected by mapping systems classifying them to user-defined point classes like ground, vegetation and buildings.You've determined that a solar photovoltaic system is the right choice for you. 

3D Laser Mapping is a global developer of laser scanning solutions for sectors such as mapping, mining and manufacturing. 3D Laser Mapping specialises in integrating laser scanning hardware with their own software and peripherals to create solutions at the cutting edge of technology. Through a worldwide network of regional offices and local distributors 3D Laser Mapping is able to provide frontline support and service for a growing international client base.We may contact you if more information is needed to locate a street light. 3D Laser Mapping is also the RIEGL Premier Distributor for the UK, Ireland and sub-Saharan Africa and a leading distributor of TerraScan software.

Over 6,700 new wind turbines were erected

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“If it’s a red area, we might ask them not to put a facility there,” she said. “If it’s a yellow area, they can expect a higher level of scrutiny than in a green area, but what we would probably do is work with them to figure out ways to modify the layout of the turbines or modify the operation of the turbines to minimize impacts.” 

The concerns are not exclusively about the much-discussed collisions between birds and blades; wildlife biologists are also worried about disturbing the birds’ nesting areas and their food sources. It doesn’t do much good to protect the birds if they can’t eat and reproduce successfully. 

Matthews said there has been talk of expanding the pilot project to include other states in the service’s southeast region, but she doesn’t know whether adequate resources will be available anytime soon. It’s time-consuming and labor-intensive, she said, and the Raleigh office was fortunate to have a cartographer on staff. 

Peterson has long been involved in marine research and has supported of wind energy development for quite some time. 

Just before the turn of the decade, the state legislature adopted rules to let UNC contract with a third party, which turned out to be Duke Energy, to build a pilot wind-energy project in state waters. But the legislature also asked UNC to develop a report on potential sites.Our dry cabinet can sustain an ultra-low humidity of under 5% RH. 

In 2009,Learn more about our high capacity laundry dryer today! Peterson and other members of a team chosen to do that turned in a 378-page report that looked at everything from birds to bats,If you have solar garden light or landscape lights you might wonder what to do if they stop working. fisheries, the impacts of buried cables, interference with military flight paths and legal issues. 

The 2009 report concluded that North Carolina has the most potential offshore wind energy on the East Coast. Wind-energy entrepreneurs and companies need good information to avoid potential conflicts with wildlife and natural resource, Peterson said. The UNC study provides that type of detail for coastal and offshore waters, he said, and the Fish and Wildlife Service does the same for land-based projects. 

“There have been projects proposed in areas (in North Carolina) that were obviously very problematic,” he said. 

For example, Chicago-based Invenergy has at least temporarily abandoned its plan for the 49-turbine Pantego project in Beaufort County because of a potential threat to bald eagles and conflicts with Seymour Johnson Air Force Base near Goldsboro over jet fighter training. 

Another proposed Invenergy project, called Hales Lake Wind Farm, in Currituck and Camden counties, has been facing similar issues. The Navy is worried about the turbines’ effects on its radar system in Chesapeake,Table Lamp shade are the easiest way to quickly update your home dcor. Va., and the Coast Guard is concerned about the turbines’ potential impacts at its station in Elizabeth City. 

Obviously, Peterson said, military concerns are not the same as the bird and habitat concerns outlined on the Fish and Wildlife Service map. But the concept is the same: It’s better for everyone involved to have as much information as possible, as early in the process as possible.We're making Book scanner and digitization accessible to everyone. 

Matthews said it’s important to realize that while many wind projects appear to have at least temporarily stalled, there is still great interest in developing the major resource available in North Carolina on land and in offshore waters. The federal government, after much discussion, recently extended tax credits for renewable energy development, which should continue to make projects economically viable.

A focus on lasers in a sustainable world

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Automakers are increasingly turning to Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastics (CFRP), the elite class of lightweight materials, to lighten autos and make them more fuel efficient. Mechanically cutting CRFP is very costly because tool wear is extremely high. Lasers provide a solution. The “Lasers in Manufacturing – LiM 2013” conference will examine the latest CRFP laser cutting techniques and application processes. “Wear-free nanosecond lasers with high average power can cut through carbon fibers with minimal impact on the edges and low heat dissipation,” explains Dr. Uwe Stute, Head of the Department for Production and System Technology at the Hannover Laser Center. 

Lasers can join plastics together or join plastics to composites. Metals and thermoplastics, for example, can be joined without mechanical joining elements or adhesives by first using a laser to create microstructures with undercuts in the metallic surface,We're making Book scanner and digitization accessible to everyone. explains Dr. Arnold Gillner, Head of Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology’s Ablation and Joining Department. A laser melts the surface of the plastic part which is pressed onto the metal. The plastic then flows into all of the microstructures that were created on the metal surface. Both parts interlock to create a strong, form-fitting bond. This topic will also be discussed at the trade fair. 

Lasers can weld copper conductors to aluminum or to other copper conductors. Laser welding is also an alternative to ultrasonic or resistance welding to interconnect cells to form batteries. In this case, the laser provides better quality when joining aluminum and copper, as Dr. Gillner explains. Lasers are being used to weld 1- to 3-mm thick copper terminal contacts to one another. 

When it comes to fully-automated electric motor production, laser welding is a promising alternative to conventional methods such as crimping, arc welding, ultrasonic welding and electron-beam welding. However, the base material’s high thermal conductivity and low absorption rates still represent a hurdle. Recent studies at the Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (Munich) have shown that high-power infrared lasers overcome these hurdles,Learn more about our high capacity laundry dryer today! making sufficient penetration depths and rapid production possible. 

Lasers can increase wind energy generation efficiency.Our dry cabinet can sustain an ultra-low humidity of under 5% RH. A LiDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) system mounted on a wind turbine rotor head can measure the wind 150 to 450 feet in front of the rotor. A control system can then optimize the head position and rotor angle for the wind reaching the rotor several seconds later. 

Heat-sensitive organic modules and Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) cells can now be bonded using ultra-short-pulsed lasers which exhibit a low thermal impact. 

The efficiency of solar cells can also be increased using lasers. Rofin has reported a potential 0.3 to 0.5% efficiency increase in its selective emitter technology. In this laser-induced diffusion process, phosphorous glass is used on the surface to dope specific portions of the cell with phosphorous. According to Dr.This Roof hook set is solar powered and brightens any garden. Gillner, there are also other approaches. For example, if one were to switch to back-contacted cells, selective removal of passivation layers by laser could result in a considerable increase in efficiency. 

A special presentation on “Photons in Production” will demonstrate the important role that lasers play in photovoltaics and “environment friendly” mobility. The techniques presented will include laser-based joining of lightweight materials, joining fiber-reinforced plastics and metals, plastic connections, joining and separating CFRP components and production of a drive battery for an automobile. The topic of lasers and energy will also be examined in the user forums on “Photovoltaics and Lasers” and “Photonics in Production: Smart bricks for e-mobility”. Photonics applications in the energy sector will also be discussed at the Conference on Optofluidics within the scope of the World of Photonics Congress at the International Conference Center München ICM.It's easy to fall in love with the sheer, incomparable strength of tungsten jewelry.

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